Advanced Sass : online course

Turn your Sass up to eleven.

Advanced Sass continues where others stop. It explains all Sass features, but is also full of exercises based on Real World use cases. You'll learn not what Sass can do, but what you can do with Sass in your everyday projects.

On top of that, Advanced Sass dives deep into Sass' built-in functions, adding true programming to your CSS. It's by far the best way to seriously level up your Sass skills.

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What's Advanced Sass?

In a nutshell, it's a complete package to become a senior level Sass expert:

Online course

One time purchase for lifetime access to video's, screencasts, exercises and more (currently in production). It's the most complete Sass course ever.

Real use cases

Curious what you can do with Advanced Sass? We're working on a growing list of use cases, with demo code.

Sass functions

Is the Sass Function Reference giving you a hard time? The course comes with its own reference, explaining how & when to use all built-in functions.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with the course? Receive a full refund!

You are by far one of the most knowledgeable Sass developers out there.

Hampton Catlin, inventor of Sass

I just used one of the tricks that I learned and saved a bunch of time! Money well spent!

Pete Campbell, SumiroLabs

Roy expertly presents his knowledge in a clear and straightforward manner.

What you'll get

Get the most out of using Sass. Have more fun, save time, save money and code for the future. This course helps you to master Sass at an advanced level. Become a Sass Pro, just like the 100+ students before you. No prior Sass knowledge required!


You need programming in CSS, and Sass will help with your Real World uses cases. Your teacher explains it all, with examples and assignments.


You don't want to stare at someone's face all day long. Follow along with the screencasts as you work on assignments and write your code.

Face time

Maybe you want to discuss your assignment, specific project or be held accountable throughout the course? Speak with your teacher.!


What are data types, when to use @extend and what are control structures good for? Refresh your memory, and learn something new.

The Real World

Advanced list structures, media query management, right-to-left, file management, and much more! All based on Real World cases.

Write code

Let's dive in, and write Sass code for those real world situations that require a smart solution (and write some poor, but fun code too).

Hi, I'm Roy

Roy Tomeij

You may know me from conferences such as SassConf, CSS Summit, Future of Web Apps, CSS Day and RailsConf. Or maybe you read something I published on The Sass Way or in Net Magazine. I've been teaching the power of Sass since 2007, and have applied my knowledge to over 150 projects of all sizes. I consult on really awesome projects (time permitting).

Free Advanced Sass tips

Receive free tips to battle Real World situations with Sass. Subscribers will also be the first to know when the course launches, and receive an exclusive discount too.